The OdorLock® 40-day odor control guarantee is based on an independent in vivo laboratory study in a controlled environment supervised by veterinarians.. The OdorLock® 40-day guarantee is valid for a single cat using a litter box cleaned daily.

If the OdorLock® bag you purchased is damaged or defective, you may return the bag and your invoice to the point of purchase for a refund or exchange in accordance with the warranty policy of the retailer who sold you the product.

If you have already attempted to return products to the retailer and the process was unsuccessful, you may request an exchange within 40 days of your purchase via the “contact us” page, including the reason for the return, the lot number printed on the side of your bag and a photo of your store receipt. Only the purchaser of the product may request an exchange; please allow several weeks for processing. We reserve the right to refuse or limit certain requests for refunds and/or exchanges, and limit exchanges to 1 bag per transaction, per household.

OdorLock® maxCare

The OdorLock® warranty covers the OdorLock® maxCare litter box.

Although Blücare® technology has been designed with the input of veterinarians to detect health problems in your cat, we would like to stress that Blücare® is not a medical diagnostic product. Only a licensed veterinarian can diagnose a medical problem.

Blücare® is a patented technology whose reliability has been validated with veterinary universities. Blücare® granules help detect blood and glucose, biomarkers present in many feline urinary tract diseases and diabetes respectively. Blücare® granules should be kept dry, at room temperature (<25°C), out of direct sunlight, and have a shelf life of 30 days after opening. If your granule sachet is damaged or missing from the bag, please contact your retailer. Results may vary, depending on urinary conditions which may interfere with normal granule response. Blücare® granules are not a substitute for veterinary advice. Whatever the color of the granules, if your cat shows any unusual signs or if you have the slightest doubt about its health status, consult a vet.

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