Ultra premium

Find the perfect litter
for your cat.

The OdourLock® Quality

Our premium 100% natural clumping mineral litter incorporates a unique technology that prevents the formation of ammonia. This technology activates on contact with urine to neutralize odors for 40 days*.

*Based on an independent in vivo laboratory study in a controlled environment supervised by veterinarians.

For the comfort of your pet

Our litter creates a clean and healthy environment for your cat. Our moisture-activated fragrance process allows our delicate fragrances to be released only when the litter comes in contact with moisture.

For your wellbeing

Thanks to our state-of-the-art production processes, we can offer you a dust-free cat litter that’s ideal for cats with asthma or dust allergies. Its clay-based formula is almost as soft as sand and leaves no residue.

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