Did you know that 2 out of 3 cats are at risk of developing urinary tract diseases and/or diabetes?

OdourLock® maxCareTM

Ultra premium health monitoring clay litter.

5 in 1 – ultra premium clay litter

Contains patented Blücare® technology that detects the presence of blood and glucose in urine. 

Technology activated on contact with urine to neutralize odor development for over 40 days.
Rapid absorption and formation of smaller, stronger agglomerates to facilitate daily cleaning and maintenance.
Respects human and cat respiratory tracts.
Fast, easy cleaning, ideal for multi-cat environments.

Reinforced bag with ergonomic handle for easy transport.

Available format : 12 kg

Is your cat at risk?

What does Blücare® technology detect?

Blood and glucose in the urine are indicators of urinary disease and diabetes respectively. Blücare® is a patented technology that detects these biomarkers at an early stage, enabling you to effectively monitor your cat’s health. 

Blücare® technology is :

  • Easy to use
  • Gives fast, visible results
  • Non-invasive and stress-free for your cat
  • Reliable: patented technology developed with veterinary universities

If you are a veterinarian, click here!

Litter box maintenance

Pour 10 to 12 cm of litter into an empty, dry tray. Spread the bag of Blücare® granules evenly over the litter. Remove urine and feces clumps daily with a litter scoop. Wait 3 minutes after urine has come into contact with the granules, then observe the result. If the granules are WHITE or YELLOW, the test is negative. If they are BLUE, the test is positive: Blücare® has detected blood or glucose in your cat’s urine. Contact your vet for further tests. Do not flush granules or litter down the toilet. Change the litter and clean the tray every 40 days. Test results may vary according to conditions of use and other factors such as the cat’s diet and medication. 

How to analyze granule colors

Urinary diseases are among the top 5 reasons for veterinary consultations.

Urinary diseases include:

  • Cystitis
  • Urinary calculi
  • Urinary tract infections
Diabetes is one of the leading feline hormonal diseases, and is 3 times more common in cats than dogs. Unlike human diabetes, it is reversible and can be treated and fully cured when treated early and monitored closely.
Our OdourLock® maxCareTM litter also comes with our 40-day odour-free guarantee, thanks to our technology that blocks the formation of ammonia.

*Based on an independent in vivo laboratory study in a controlled environment supervised by veterinarians.

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