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First of all, it’s a question of economy: a clumping formula will last much longer (several weeks), since you’ll only have to put a little back in the tray after removing the clumps. What’s more, a top-of-the-range clumping litter like ours is less dusty, so it’s ideal if you or your cat are sensitive to dust.

Traditional litters are seen as more of a commodity. They’re inexpensive to buy. However, you’ll need to change it completely every week, clean the tray, then put fresh litter back in. What’s more, they tend to be dustier.

Thanks to its unique technology, our OdourLock® litter neutralizes ammonia formation for unrivalled control of urine and faeces odours. Cat urine does not contain ammonia per se. Rather, this gas is formed in the litter tray, when urine comes into contact with oxygen and encourages the growth of bacteria. Ammonia is responsible for the unpleasant odor emanating from the litter box. Our technology activates on contact with urine and neutralizes odors for over 40 days.

OdourLock® litter is perfect in a multi-cat environment, since simple daily maintenance of the trays ensures optimum cleanliness that will delight you and your cats!

OdourLock® is the perfect litter for a multi-cat environment. Thanks to its unique technology, it neutralizes ammonia formation and provides unrivaled control of unpleasant odors. Ammonia is formed in the litter tray when urine comes into contact with oxygen, promoting the growth of bacteria. It is this gas that is responsible for the unpleasant odours coming from the litter tray. Our technology activates on contact with urine and neutralizes odors. Simple daily maintenance of the tray ensures optimum cleanliness.

We know very well that cats don’t like scents! If there are scented litters, it’s for masters, not cats! In order to meet the requirements of both, we use a very small amount of perfume in our scented products (our mission is not to perfume houses!), we choose fragrances that are not repellent to cats, and above all, our fragrances are activated by humidity. What does this mean? It means that our litter box smells almost nothing when it’s dry; however, as soon as kitty does his business in it, the fragrance is released.

To find the pet store nearest you that carries our litters, use our locator.

Absolutely! Clumping litter is made from pure clay, derived from petrified volcanic ash. There are no products in our litters that could be harmful to cats. What’s more, our litters are dust-free, which also minimizes the risk of respiratory tract irritation.
Clay litter should never be flushed down toilets or drains. Dispose of soiled litter in the trash.

OdourLock® litter is perfectly safe for you and your cat, but it’s still advisable to wash your hands after preparing or cleaning the litter. Pregnant or breast-feeding women, as well as people with weakened immune systems, are advised to consult a physician before handling litter, as a parasite present in cat feces can cause toxoplasmosis, an infectious disease transmissible to humans.

OdourLock® maxCare

For help in reading the results of your Blücare® granules, read our article on the subject in our blog section: Analyzing Blücare® granules.

It detects the presence of blood in your cat’s urine, called hematuria, which is a common indicator of underlying urinary problems. Other urinary health monitoring tools are based on pH measurement, which can fluctuate throughout the day and is not as accurate an indicator of urinary disease. What’s more, OdourLock maxCare® also detects the presence of glucose in the urine (glucosarie), a common symptom of feline diabetes.

Having several cats at home does not affect the performance of Blücare granules. If the granules turn blue and you don’t know which cat is responsible for the urination in question (or if none of your cats show any suggestive clinical sign), you can add an extra step before taking your cat to the vet: isolate each cat with a litter containing the granules to identify the one with blood and/or glucose in the urine. 

Absolutely. Studies conducted by independent laboratories have shown that Blücare® granules are safe when used according to the recommended conditions.

The granules are composed mainly of starch and cellulose, both of which are completely safe. And the chromogenic agent (=which colors blue) has long been known and used by doctors and veterinarians (note that it’s even present in some baby diapers).

Once on the litter, in contact with UV light and humidity, the granules are effective for a month in good conditions of use (with one cat). Once the granules have been soiled by urine, they are no longer absorbent and therefore no longer reactive; they can then be removed from the litter tray and discarded.

Granules are considered safe and non-hazardous for your pet’s health. If you have any doubts about a change in behavior or a medical problem, contact your veterinarian.

Cats are secretive animals and often hide the clinical signs of illness. Many common conditions show few or no signs in the early stages, so it’s important that your cat is examined regularly by your vet. OdourLock maxCare® does not replace a visit to the vet, but can help you monitor your cat’s health at home.

To find out more about risk factors for urinary tract disease and feline diabetes, read our article on the subject or fill out our risk calculator to know if your cat is at risk.

Although the granules are considered non-hazardous, they do contain an ingredient that can cause food intolerance in some people. In the event of ingestion, we recommend that you rinse your child’s mouth out with water and consult a health professional if you have any doubts about your child’s condition.

Cats are notorious for showing few signs when they’re ill. All cats are at risk of developing urinary tract disease or diabetes, but the following risk factors increase your cat’s chances of developing one of these conditions.

  • Male sex
  • Overweight
  • Indoor lifestyle
  • Maturity (age > 6 years)

To find out more about risk factors for urinary tract disease and feline diabetes, read our article on the subject or fill out our risk calculator to know if your cat is at risk.

To increase the chances of your cat’s urine coming into contact with the granules, we recommend using the entire contents of the sachet.

If you use a smart litter that works with clumping litter and accumulates clumps of soiled litter in a waste bin, OdourLock® maxCare™ should work. All you need to do is look at the granules on the clumps in the litter tray before discarding its contents.

Please note that some soiled granules may not be eliminated by your automatic litter system, so it may be a good idea to also analyze the clean litter box to make sure no blue granules are present.

OdourLock® maxCare™ has been developed for everyday use, especially in cats with risk factors as defined here. Early detection of signs of urinary disease and diabetes is key to keeping your cat healthy. This could prevent medical complications and save you significant veterinary costs.

Note that if detected early, urinary and diabetic disorders are much simpler to treat than if detected late (e.g., sometimes a simple dietary change can be enough to completely cure an early-stage cat, whereas hospitalization may be necessary in the late stage!).

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