How often should you change your cat litter?

Did you know that even when you clean your cat’s litter box daily to remove clumps, it’s not enough to guarantee optimum hygiene for your cat? In fact, it’s also

Can cat litter be flushed down the toilet?

When shopping for cat litter, you may find litters advertised as toilet flushable. While this concept may sound appealing, the reality is not quite so simple. In this article, we’ll

Risk factors for urinary tract disease and diabetes

Risk factors are characteristics which, when present, increase an individual’s likelihood of developing certain disorders. As with humans, increased surveillance is recommended for cats with certain risk factors. Here, we’ll

Feline Diabetes

Feline diabetes is an increasingly common disease in cats, and for good reason: with the rise in obesity among our pets, accompanied by an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, they are combining

Urinary diseases in cats

Urinary diseases are frequent, progressive and recurrent in cats, and they are not always easy to detect as soon as they appear: cats can be very secretive! Blood in the

Do cats see ghosts? Is my cat going mad?

Your cat is lying peacefully by the window when suddenly, without any warning, he gets up and starts looking at the ceiling, as if a bird had just flown in

Aggressive behavior in cats

Aggression in cats: causes and solutions Aggression in cats can be divided into two groups: aggression between cats and aggression towards humans. Within these two groups, there are several categories,

My cat poops outside of the litter box

Every year, thousands of cats are abandoned by their owners because of litter problems. There are many reasons why your cat may have deserted its litter box, and it’s often

Analyze Blücare<sup>®</sup> granules

How do I analyze Blücare® granules? The Blücare® granules included in OdourLock maxCare® help detect traces of blood and/or glucose in your cat’s urine. The presence of blood in urine